Tuesday, May 22, 2012

College Baseball BCS (May 22)

By Samuel Chi

One more week before the regional pairings announcement, the top of the standings look pretty solidified with all but one of the national seeds spoken for. The top six teams in the current standings should be locks for national seeds, as well as No. 9 UCLA, leaving the final spot up for grabs among No. 7 Rice, No. 8 North Carolina and No. 9 Texas A&M.

Florida State, ranked No. 1 in four of the five polls, appears to be the odds-on favorite to be the top-seeded team in the upcoming 64-team field. This is the fifth straight week the Seminoles are on top of the BCS standings. Florida, Baylor, Oregon, LSU and South Carolina, the other national seed locks, round out Nos. 2-6.

The Titans, who lost their first weekend series since the season-opener at Florida, dropped three spots to No. 15, teetering on the edge of a regional host bid. Kentucky likewise had a precipitous fall, plummeting seven spots to No. 13.

There is a remarkable consensus among the five polls as to the top 26 teams. Only Collegiate Baseball's stubborn ranking of Texas and Oklahoma fell outside of this consensus. Each of the top 25 teams in the standings are ranked by at least four polls and No. 26 Mississippi State is on three ballots.

The conference breakdown: SEC (7), Pac-12 (6), ACC (6), Big 12 (4), Conference USA (3), West Coast (3), Big East (1), Big Ten (1), Big West (1), Mountain West (1), Independent (1).

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TitaNation89 said...

Even though South Carolina is OVER-RATED, they are NOT a National Seed lock.

See: FSU, Florida, Baylor, Oregon, LSU, UCLA, North Carolina,

Stanford/NC State/Rice(also over-rated).

Rick D. said...

Titan, you didnt mention Texas A&M. They still have a shot at NS. Watch out for Virginia, too. The committee loves the ACC.

Anonymous said...