Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Walk to Help Stop Drinking and Driving


A Message from Michael Wilhite, brother of Jon Wilhite, former Titan catcher who was critically injured (but recovering) in a tragic April 9 car accident involving a drunk driver:

I'm sending this to the Walk for MADD group and the Love for Willis (my brother Jon's) group. This tragedy has affected my entire family and a lot of friends since my brother had been critically injured by a guy who was driving a van while 3 times over the legal blood alcohol limit and killing 3 other people including my really good friend Henry Pearson, Nick Adenhart and Courtney Stewart. If you can make it to the MADD Walk (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) that would be great, if not PLEASE sponsor one of the walkers, even $5 helps a lot! Also, if you're not a member join our Walk for Madd group that Kady Gallagher set up.

The walk is May 9th in Huntington Beach and I’m not one to ask for donations, I've never been one that likes to ask for things but this has hit our family hard and anything we can do to help stop drinking and driving we'll do. To sign up for the walk or sponsor someone if you can’t walk click on this link, http://www.facebook.com/l/6409d;http://support.madd.org/site/TR/Events/SFC-OrangeCountyCA/1314149610?pg=team&fr_id=2241&team_id=48600. Thanks again and like I said, even a few dollars helps.

Thanks again, what our family and the other 3 families are going through is something I would never wish upon anyone and the more we can help stop these events from happening the better off we will all be. Thanks again, let me know if you have any questions.

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